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Process Performance Engineer

Process Performance Engineer

3/6 months

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Missions and activities

Ensure the creation of the best industrial sequence, in the definition phase, through early integration of SLB optimisation drivers (PERT, constraints).

Enable the best industrial sequence execution to secure delivery within takt with optimised level of resources (SLB deployment, LB release per MSN).

Ensure continuous monitoring and improvement of manufacturing efficiency (CVAT)

Set-up Line Balancing as mandatory pre-requisite for Manufacturing process/sequencing definition and Manufacturing performance monitoring from conception to industrial phase (early PERT/STV)

Drive Line efficiency with continuous improvement of Line Balancing (right granularity/time referential, white/red space optimisation)

Support process optimisation, maximizing Value Added with priority on critical path.


Key input are:

Release Routing

Industrial Architecture Dossier (Product build concept, industrial planning, requirements regarding industrial performances)

V &V plan (Product Lifecycle Management)

Identify technical constraints on assembly sequences, with the support of the SPE

Create and deploy SLB (reference CN)

Release Line Balancing per MSN

Create White Space reduction action plan and Red Space analysis maximizing CVAT efficiency (in the frame of Continuous improvement of SLB through efficiency loss reduction)

Identify Critical path and maximize station capacity (frame of continuous improvement)

Identify and share best practices across stations/CDTs/Plants/FALs

Maintain/develop transvers new methods and tools around STV/SLB

Update and maintain Transverse STV TiCon Database

Improve Costs

PERT Chart

Standard Line Balancing

Create and maintain PERT Chart

Create and maintain Standard Line Balancing (SLB) and thus enable Production Pace Control (PPC)

Monitor Manufacturing performance and propose improvements based on analysis of gap

Reduce Efficiency Loss via white space/red space identification, analysis and reduction

Improve Process and Serial Allocated time via VA/NVA analysis and shop floor process observation

In addition, applicable to transverse/central PPE

Maintain STV database up to date (incl. NC process)

Check STV golden rules adherence

Define/update Method/Process/AOS bricks related to STV/SLB

Define/maintain Digital tool for STV/SLB

Ensure right level of competences of users/stakeholders on STV/SLB: Coach assess end user in the STV /SLB usage


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